Challgren Family

♪ ♫ No wind / No rain / No winter’s cold / Can stop me, baby ♪ ♫

Some pretty heavy thunderstorms were headed our way. Thankfully, rain didn’t show up until an hour after our shoot. Cloud cover = sweet light for me. 🙂

The Challgren’s were great in front of a lens. I appreciate it when my clients work with me on location. We had so much fun in Roanoke!

I believe this was my first time officially shooting with a pet in the scene. I’m also fairly certain this was my first time capturing some shots of a Gerber baby. Early career, maybe? Check out those natural blue eyes!

One thought on “Challgren Family

  1. These are amazing, Michael! You just get better and better with your camera! 🙂 Beautiful pictures for a beautiful family…thanks for sharing!


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