Challgren Family

♪ ♫ No wind / No rain / No winter’s cold / Can stop me, baby ♪ ♫ Some pretty heavy thunderstorms were headed our way. Thankfully, rain didn’t show up until an hour after our shoot. Cloud cover = sweet light for me. 🙂 The Challgren’s were great in front of a lens. I appreciate it when my clients work with me on location. We had so much fun in Roanoke! I believe this was my first time officially shooting with a pet in the scene. I’m also fairly certain this was my first time capturing some shots of … Continue reading Challgren Family

monday monday monday

How do I start my Mondays? Well, buckle your seat belts. Supercharged. Slightly jittery. Yet dignified. Fashionably casual. British pop-esque. Micah. He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? Micah 6:8 Coffee. What’s in my cup? Ethiopian Harrar Hints of chocolate & wine…maybe floral & maple? Pandora. New station (this should not be new to my playlist, but apparently I’m slow on these things): Adele. Good variety: Adele, Sara Bareilles, A Fine Frenzy, Duffy, Michael Bublé, … Continue reading monday monday monday


Starbucks is my hero. Coconut is in the house. I love coconut. Love. Iced Coffee w/ Breve, Vanilla, and COCONUT! I feel like I shall soon be part of the Gump family. Last night – 3.21 miles. Totally beat my 5k pace. I’m so happy. I’m still evaluating the pros and cons of carrying a self-defense weapon. Any recommendations? I must say, as much as I like night runs, nothing beats running with friends. (Comment if you notice any particular theme in this post.) New favorite iPhone app: Words with Friends. Do yourself a favor and download it. Now. Get … Continue reading coconutty

attention: brides

UPDATE: this post is also addressed to future brides. 🙂 Before you judge me, you have to hear me out. 1. Guys can appreciate the efforts put into making a wedding outstanding. 2. Guy photographers need to be well-versed in wedding lingo. Not to mention the fact that this kind of media gives tons of tips and suggestions. Creative juice flowing will ensue. 3. Guys, like me…single…must be prepared for the entire scenario of being in the heat of the moment (yes, that would be a musical reference. Thank you, I’m here all week!) of wedding planning. Exciting, but stressful. … Continue reading attention: brides