It is said that April showers bring May flowers. But what does one do when he needs the April flowers to stick around? Can a cute, bucktoothed, groundhog predict the lifespan of an average bluebonnet? (I feel like I’m about to segue into a really cool GEICO commercial. 🙂 ) Let’s just say God was gracious and allowed these pretty flowers to live awhile longer so scheduling would permit a portrait session. It’s Texas, y’all. We each have our own traditions. Portraits among the bluebonnets might be one of them. Allow me to introduce you to my friend, Megan. (For … Continue reading Megan


THANK YOU, GINNY CORBETT! I have been…..(wait for it)…..RENEWed. 🙂 RENEW defined. – definition… 1. to make effective for an additional period 2. to restore or replenish 3. to revive; reestablish my blog post preparing for the workshop: RENEW workshop website: Ginny Corbett Photography – RENEW RENEW divulged. – what I gained… lifelong friends and industry partners technical camera skills posing ideas and interpersonal tips workflow efficiency and editing tricks practical hands-on training and application RENEW displayed. – gallery of portfolio…   Continue reading RENEWed