Going Dark

What would y’all think if I started a FOODIE series on DARK CHOCOLATE? Dark Chocolate. Weekly fix. One happy foodie. Going Dark | Red Fire According to Katrina, of Haut-Chocolat, the following steps describe “How to Enjoy an Exotic Candy Bar”: Breathe Engage your senses. Take three deep ujjayi breaths, quiet the chattering mind and be in the present moment. See Notice the color of the chocolate. There should be a dark glossy shine to the bar, indicating a good temper. Do you see red flecks of chili embedded in the chocolate? Smell Rub your thumb on the bar to … Continue reading Going Dark

slave of Christ. I’m not my own.

Being a slave not only meant belonging to someone else; it also meant being always available to obey that person in every way. The slave’s sole duty was to carry out the master’s wishes, and the faithful slave was eager to do so without hesitation or complaint. After all, “slaves know no law but their master’s word; they have no rights of their own; they are absolute possessions of their master; and they are bound to give their master unquestioning obedience.” Building on this imagery, the New Testament repeatedly calls believers to faithfully obey the Master. As one author explains: … Continue reading slave of Christ. I’m not my own.