Bartz Family

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I give you…(drum roll)…the Bartz Family!

The Lord has truly blessed this family.

The photoshoot was a celebration of family and a birthday.

No, I’m not that talented. 😉

Thank you, Marcia, for joining me on this shoot. I always enjoy having a second pair of eyes on location.

A BIG, PINK, Happy 1st to Clara!!

6 thoughts on “Bartz Family

  1. Bubbles for the win! Also, the shot with the cross in the foreground is REALLY solid, both for the shot itself and the symbolism. I really enjoy following your blog and watching your work evolve and grow. I totally appreciate your desire for constant improvement, and I’m totally rooting you on!


    1. Thanks, Mack! I’m blushing (virtually). haha! I’m honored that you would follow my work! I totally appreciate any feedback from you & the Mrs. 🙂 I’m learning something new everyday. You inspire me!

      P.S. I am “secretly” planning a themed shoot for you two. Details to come.


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