Snowball throwing/that’s what I’ll do/How I’m longing to ski/through the snow. (Irving Berlin)

Barton Hollow - The Civil Wars


Cherry Bread (Thanks, Megan!)


Snow Fountain


Soft Snow Focus


The weather outside is frightful...


...but the fire is so delightful!
Winter Birdhouses


Sebastian's Snow Nap


Winter Candles


Naptime over...


...time to play! (I love his batman ears. Too cute!)


My ginormous Tigger mug...


...never holds too much coffee!


Oh yes, I did. Fleece, slippers, and a robe. All day. (A robe...not a dress. haha)


Chicken noodle soup & apples for lunch. Perfection.


"My life is a wasteland." "Wasteland? I think you mean WONDERLAND!"




Warm peanut butter cookies


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