looking for models

I really, really, really want to shoot a theme engagement session.

Something about telling a story through photographs is appealing to me.

If you, or someone you know, is into this kind of thing (or would be interested in me planning a shoot with them), please contact me! (jmhansenphoto@gmail.com)

Here are some words to describe said photoshoot:

See the following links for great examples of the experience I’m eager to create for YOU!

Jack & Jill – Photos based on song lyrics? Genius. Hmm…creative juices are flowing now. (photo credit: Three Nails Photography; blog credit: Green Wedding Shoes)

A Vintage Love Story – I keep going back to this one. Simply amazing. (photo credit: Katie Stoops Photography; blog credit: Green Wedding Shoes)

2 thoughts on “looking for models

  1. Any time you want to use Mack and I as models, we’d love to help! We don’t have near enough fun pictures of just US. 🙂 Our wedding was supposed to be a 50s slick rock feel (bullet mic & record centerpieces… the whole nine), but I was talked out of it by a total meanie. I’ve regretted it ever since. I life in anticipation of the moment we’re asked to be models for a themed wedding shoot juuuuust like that. 🙂
    Good luck dear!


    1. Chelsea, let’s talk. You two are perfect!! Shame on that meanie for bad-mouthing the 50s. I think it’s time you got what you wanted. 😉


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