Semi Colon – please pray!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Sorry for no update in a while! I’ve been sleeping pretty much all the time, hence, no blogging! I have turned off my phone ringer, too, so if you’ve called me and I have yet to return your call/text… I’m very sorry. I’m working on it! 😉

Since I’ve been home, I’ve been super nauseated. So nauseated that I’m hardly eating or drinking. I’ve lost 7 pounds since Saturday.

I saw GI Dr on Wednesday, hoping for some answers about the nausea. I was super nauseated like this for most of August before surgery, and was puking every couple days. I’ve been struggling with nausea to some extent or another since February, but it’s been worse since the beginning of August. At first, we thought it was from the antibiotics, so I stopped taking them. Then, we thought it was a stomach bug. But I never really stopped feeling nauseated, and the vomiting kept coming back every few days. Then, I thought it was the pain patch I wear. So I took it off for a few days, but continued to feel sick. Then, we hoped that the inflammation everywhere from the pouchitis was the cause, and that surgery would fix it! I mean, it makes sense to think that if you are cramping and bleeding internally all the time, it might make you feel a little queasy. Alas, I still feel that same nausea now, a month out of surgery. The GI doctor really doesn’t know what to think about the fact that I continue to have constant nausea, as well as tummy pain when I eat. We’re trying a PPI (basically, an acid reducer) and I’m also taking a couple different anti-nausea meds. Nothing is really helping yet. GI Dr was not impressed with the weight loss thing and with the not eating and drinking thing and asked if I wanted to go back into the hospital. Um, guess what I said? 😉

I am still dealing with joint and muscle pain, too. While I really really wish I didn’t hurt so much, I am most thankful that it’s been manageable and that I’ve been able to sleep!

I’ve had some doctor lack of communication/conflicting information concerning Mr. Clean the drain. Much time has been spent on the phone trying to get all that straightened out and squared away. I THINK I have the correct info and stuff and that we are all on the same page now! The doctors who discharged me gave me wrong directions (I’m a little frustrated because it seemed incorrect to me, so I questioned them several times… and was reassured each time that they were correct). As a result, I now have developed an even stronger distrust for student doctors and their wealth of confidently stated misinformation. 😉

Please pray that the nausea will decrease and that I’ll be able to eat and drink! I’d really love to be able to avoid the hospital if at all possible! Please also pray for wisdom and peace and rest for my parents – I think I’m stressing them out again. 😉

Hannah 😉

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