a shooting gallery…full of frogs?

So, I walk out the front door to leave for work yesterday and find what appeared to be a prank shooting gallery.

White outlines dotted the lawn. What else was I supposed to think of this enigma? Was I now in Candyland? Or was this the work of some twisted, rogue KGB agent? (Side note – this is way more classy than forking or TPing. Just saying.)

The big frog (right, with text) was the biggest obstacle to get past. Anyone could be hiding behind its ginormous body.

I slowly make my way around to the front, preparing myself to deal a roundhouse kick to the face of the enemy.

Just frogs.

I proceeded to my car to depart for the office.

I figured it would be best to prepare evidence for this case file, so I took this picture.


My housemate, Dr. Jeanson, turned 30!

My source at the intelligence bureau gave me the following information: loving family members planned this amphibious yard invasion to surprise him.

It worked…for all that dwell at the House of Michael. 🙂

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