I’m taking on a challenge.

“The beauty of Christianity is the beauty of holiness.” David Vaughan

My problem: I see my life lacking in the pursuit of holiness.

My inspiration: Jonathan Edwards.

My goal: To glorify God with my life. (The ultimate desire of every believer should be the glory of God.)

My action plan: To study and put into practice Edwards’ 70 Resolutions. (As a result of my studies, I plan on jotting down a few thoughts about each resolution; particularly as each one relates to Biblical application, exhortation, and wisdom.)

What I am NOT trying to accomplish:

  • Works-based salvation. (I have been saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone! My efforts in this challenge are meant only to shape me more into the image of Christ.)
  • Painting a pretty picture about myself. (I am a wretched sinner, albeit saved by grace. My intent is to find the many areas in my life that I can improve in. I recognize God’s sovereignty and I am deeply humbled by the standard found in Christ’s perfect, sacrificial life.)
  • Daily checking off a moral to-do list. (The resolutions are not intended to be “completed” like a list of short-term goals. Holiness (Christlikeness) is a life-long pursuit. My intent is to become more disciplined in my pursuit of Christlikeness throughout my daily Christian walk.)

What I AM trying to accomplish:

  • Compile a written record of knowledge gained, joy experienced, difficulties undergone, hope and faith established, etc.
  • Establish an informal accountability. (My intent in posting my thoughts publicly is, in a way, accountability. For those who know me in person, I would hope you would approach me when I am not living up to the clear commands of Scripture. Much of what I post I realize may never be read by another person. My goal is certainly not to impress anyone with my words. If anything, I pray any readers will be encouraged and/or exhorted to pursue holiness and the glory of God.)
  • Provide a resource for other believers to be edified and spurred on to pursue Christ every day.
  • Present a venue for readers to post relevant thoughts and comments pertaining to the pursuit of holiness.

My current resources:

  • “The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards,” by Dr. Steven J. Lawson
  • The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards (provided by Desiring God Ministries) – Resolutions

I hope God will bless this practical journey toward holiness. To any readers out there, I hope you’ll be encouraged by this challenge I am undertaking. May God also bless your pursuit to be more like Christ!

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