hello out there

It’s been many moons since I made my last post. Thank UTA for that one…and a little thanks to work, but I’m especially grateful for the extra May hours. Since my last post, I turned in a 30-page business plan for my entrepreneurship class, gave a leadership presentation on active listening, completed a graphics project at work on a flight safety instruction card, took several finals, enjoyed a few photographic adventures, took a mini-vacation to Mississippi by myself, heard that the Southlake Panera is officially opened!!, and watched my Dell die right in front of me. Oh well, perfect excuse to go buy a Mac, right? You guessed it. I’m the proud father of a MacBook! Hooray! Finally free from the enemy that is PC. haha! Partially kidding. PC has been useful over the years. But it is time to move on to bigger and better things. As always, I will write that I plan on posting more soon. I certainly have plenty to write about, let me tell you! No, seriously! Let me tell you! haha!

TTFN, jazz hands

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