what is going through my brain at the moment

Sorry for the long posting hiatus. Life is busy. Lame excuse, I know, but when is it not? The person who solves that problem in my life will receive a prize!

Bullet points are the easiest to read, so here I go (considering I have to be in class within the hour):

  • I have to come up with a communication scenario for a paper in Management 2302 – Managerial Communication. I will be discussing a problem in Departmental Communication (the communication between two people who work in close proximity over an extended period of time). My subjects under the microscope will be Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert from The Office. I have to complete four steps for this one page paper (count them, ONE!):
    1. Define Departmental Communication
    2. Present a problem in communication
    3. Determine a decision to be made regarding the problem
    4. Create a solution to meet the goals of the decision and resolve the problem
  • I need to complete a business plan for a bar, After Hours, for Management 3325 – Entrepreneurship and Small Venture Management. My focus, since this is a group project, will be mainly on marketing analysis and planning. I get the privilege of determining how many college students in the DFW area like to drink alcohol! 
  • I am turning in a blank application to Eddie Bauer today………for grace points in Management 4328 – Human Resources Staffing and Performance Management. Funny story – I go to Eddie Bauer to get an application, to turn in to my teacher for extra points, and I get a job offer! (Laughing on the inside…and outside, for that matter!) The job is not a main floor salesperson, since they are full at the moment, but it is a very part-time position, setting the floor. I believe the manager told me it was once a month (?) on a Sunday night. Each job goes as long as it takes to complete, potentially going overnight. I am now wondering whether I should actually apply for the position. TBD.
  • I need to file my taxes today. Accounting at work is a little behind. 
  • The title to my car is finally being sent! HOORAY!! Now, to register the car in Texas….
  • The weather is strange today. Cool (both meanings), but strange. God is so good to us, giving us Texans such variety!
  • My two favorite shows are on tonight! HOORAY again!!
  • I will work more on my graphics project tomorrow in the new office.
  • Tomorrow night is the last regular lecture class for Management 4325 – Leadership. We will finish up the last chapter and review for the test, which is on Thursday. How kind of this professor to let us complete our final now instead of cramming during finals week! After the final on Thursday, all I have to do is prepare a presentation on the topic, “Being an Effective Follower.”
  • Final thoughts, for now, are actually spiritual. (I want to do justice to my blog title! I also want the rest of my life to be pervasively influenced by said title. Hopefully people around me can say that of me.) I am currently doing the read-through system of Dr. Horner. It is a very effective system of reading the entire Word in context. I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity. My main thrust for this bullet is my study of Paul’s first letter to Timothy. To be brief, I have been considering how many of these qualifications are to be evident in the lives of all believers. Here are the ones I picked out of the passage:
    • Above reproach
    • Sober-minded
    • Self-controlled
    • Respectable
    • Hospitable
    • Not a drunkard
    • Not violent, but gentle
    • Not quarrelsome
    • Not a lover of money
    • Well thought of by outsiders

I hate to stop right here, but I need to head to my HR class. This lady is PROMPT. Her class is a business meeting and is run like the military. (Laughing, once again. A cheerful heart is good medicine, remember?) Anyway, I want to talk more about the 1 Timothy study so please check back later.

To be continued…….

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