Being against abortion is terrorism?

Apparently, any person against abortion is now considered a domestic terrorist. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Secretary Janet Napolitano have defined us as Right-Wing Extremists. I am currently conducting more research on this scary government move. I will post more soon. Check out more info about this topic at Be Heard Project’s website, Continue reading Being against abortion is terrorism?

what is going through my brain at the moment

Sorry for the long posting hiatus. Life is busy. Lame excuse, I know, but when is it not? The person who solves that problem in my life will receive a prize! Bullet points are the easiest to read, so here I go (considering I have to be in class within the hour): I have to come up with a communication scenario for a paper in Management 2302 – Managerial Communication. I will be discussing a problem in Departmental Communication (the communication between two people who work in close proximity over an extended period of time). My subjects under the microscope … Continue reading what is going through my brain at the moment