except not.

I found myself walking amongst a crowd of college students. It seemed to be the campus crossroads because EVERYBODY walked through this intersection of sidewalks. While on the way to the MAC (campus recreation center), I was thinking through the various activities I had planned for the day. I was stressing out over the details of various projects. Then, I was excited for the “fun” things I had later in the day. All of these thoughts distracting me from the sight to behold in front of me. I began to “see the light” and started looking at the faces of the people I was passing. [Rabbit trail: It seems that the majority of people, or at least college students, walk with their heads down. Some with earbuds in, music cranked up, no desire to expand socially. Sorry, just an observation.] These were REAL people. They have souls! <shock> So the title for this post was really a trap. Profound words coming out of my mouth are rare.

All of this to say, it made me think about why I’m really here. I’m not here for racquetball or business planning projects or pleasing my HR professor or listening to music or even typing this on the computer. I have a much greater goal and purpose in life. I have my God who made me (and all of the people I passed…and everyone else on this planet). I’m here to glorify HIS name. All of those passersby have the SAME calling. Unfortunately, most of them cannot please Him. They are His enemies.

And that is where the gospel comes in. Am I living out the gospel in my words and actions?

“Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Mt. 5:16

God, thank you for calling my name, for giving me a greater purpose…to give glory to YOU!

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