My mind is more of an enigma than something to be afraid of. I find myself too often in a state of confusion…mostly with myself. For some odd reason, my mouth doesn’t easily follow my thought trails. I cannot understand why (although I have been told it is a blessing that I do not speak quickly) I am unable to place my thoughts into intelligible phrases. I have the intuition that I’ll never now the answer to my cranial dilemma. Maybe I don’t want to…. Continue reading Mind

looking up toward Him

True worshipers of God are to do so “in spirit and truth.” (John 4:24) But how can I worship God as His word commands when I don’t view Him as He truly is? A high view of God is essential for true worship. He is the Creator. He is Redeemer. He sustains His children. He will judge the earth…when HE says it is all over. For now, He is patient with all men. He is called the Most High. He is infinitely holy and pure. God the Son came in the form of a human baby; then, after living 33 … Continue reading looking up toward Him