• What security does my degree plan offer? A piece of paper.
  • How secure am I with my current job? In the short run, I have a job. But what about the long run?
  • Does my budget provide a feeling of security for any unexpected demand? Uh….
  • Is my future secure? YES!

Let me clarify WHICH future is secure. Obviously, I am not guaranteed anything with respect to the near future. As a matter of fact, I’m not guaranteed much, if anything, during my life. I am certain of one thing in this life: death. I know that sounds very pessimistic, but it is true. (One caveat: My faith allows one other possibility – Christ returns before I die and the rapture of the church takes place.) It is my ETERNAL futureĀ  that is secure. I am saved by Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. My future in eternity is before God in heaven.

With that said, which future should I invest in?

My eternal future. What awaits me in heaven means so much more than anything this life could ever offer. When I attempt to grasp God’s greatness, power, grace, and love…when I look forward to an eternity of worshiping and serving the great Creator God…what greater privilege could there be?!

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