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I bought my first car!! Woohoo 😀

I purchased it from an ebay seller in San Francisco, CA.

It is a Mazda3 Hatchback 5 speed. The color is Galaxy Gray Mica.

I have never driven a manual before this car, so I’m slowly adjusting…but getting better every day!

Back to the whole San Francisco thing – I flew out on Saturday morning; worked out all the details and picked up the car before lunch; took the car into my possession; headed to the Golden Gate Bridge for photo op; drove a LONG road home! (>1800 miles!) I stopped in my “hometown” of Lancaster, CA; drove beside the famous Route 66 (hitting all the notable towns mentioned in the classic song); (jumping far ahead) stopped in Lubbock, TX to have dinner with my favorite twins!; and arrived home at 4 am Monday morning.

Here are some pictures (taken by the great Mr. Diaz):

Mazda3 on flickr


jazz hands, signing out

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