“Time-bound” rules (any social gentleman must abide by….), part 1

The “5 minute rule”

The “20 second rule”

These two rules are very unique.

The only real connection between the two is the reference to a specific unit of time.

Both deal with how a gentleman must behave in a social setting.

The “5 minute rule” pertains to the approach of a handshake between two gentlemen. For the latest scoop on this rule of common courtesy, ask your local Charlie…or his representative, myself! 🙂

The “20 second rule” implements boundaries for conversation…a.k.a. dialogue.

A dialogue is defined as “a conversation between two or more persons.” (Webster)

Allow me to step onto my soapbox for a “second.”

In any setting, especially social, a gentleman should never dominate the conversation. Also, whatever he may endeavor to speak about should not focus completely on him.

With that said, I will now explain the “20 second rule.”

Each person is entitled to 20 seconds of uninterrupted speech! Once those 20 seconds are up…your turn is OVER! So STOP talking!! Give someone else a chance to open his mouth. 😉

This rule can REVOLUTIONIZE the modern conversation! And it applies to ALL conversations…not just those between two or more gentlemen!

Here are some other basic rules for conversations (…notice some overlap…):

  • As a speaker:
    • Enter the conversation with a purpose;
    • be motivated to either inspire or excite your listener or audience;
    • never intend to dominate the conversation;
    • ask questions to keep the attention of the listener;
    • look the listener directly in the eyes (often viewed as a sign of respect and sincerity).
  • As a listener (as studied by scholarly conversationalists, the role of the listener is the most important one in a conversation! Also, in order to be a great speaker, one must first master the art of being a great listener!!):
    • Be gracious and kind to the speaker (even if he or she turns out to be a dominating personality);
    • look the speaker directly in the eyes;
    • avoid distractions…a.k.a. “noise;”
    • show interest in the speaker;
    • ask questions, when appropriate.

I am now stepping down from my soapbox.

Change a Life…Improve Conversation…Make a Friend Smile Today! 🙂

Not a “minute” too soon,

jazz hands

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