Life comes at you fast.

Life comes at you fast. It hit me like a ton of bricks. — Both describe the way I feel right now. All happening within a 24 hour period. I am not going to use this as an opportunity to complain, because I know I am not experiencing half of the difficulties some people are undergoing at this moment. But I would like to use this as an opportunity to vent/get it out of my system/etc. I would also like to realign my focus. I know I can ultimately trust Christ to strengthen me to perseverance through these trials. At … Continue reading Life comes at you fast.

a word to the…wise?

Or a word to those that find themselves in worst case scenarios on a continual basis. I find the situation I’m about to share with you rather nightmare-like. How often do you find yourself falling from a 10 story building? Do you blackout right before you hit the ground…and then find yourself having stuck the landing? (To help calm the rush from a near death experience, you imagine you hear a “10!” Incidentally, the next season of Dancing with the Stars is right around the corner – Monday, September 22!) Well, if your 10 story building happens to be a … Continue reading a word to the…wise?

“Time-bound” rules (any social gentleman must abide by….), part 1

The “5 minute rule” The “20 second rule” — These two rules are very unique. The only real connection between the two is the reference to a specific unit of time. Both deal with how a gentleman must behave in a social setting. — The “5 minute rule” pertains to the approach of a handshake between two gentlemen. For the latest scoop on this rule of common courtesy, ask your local Charlie…or his representative, myself! 🙂 — The “20 second rule” implements boundaries for conversation…a.k.a. dialogue. A dialogue is defined as “a conversation between two or more persons.” (Webster) Allow … Continue reading “Time-bound” rules (any social gentleman must abide by….), part 1