melting pot: part deux

Another conglomeration of thoughts from the “pen” of jazz hands.

  • An update on photographic adventure with NYIP: I am currently studying Lesson 4, from Unit 1. This lesson focuses on “how to use your camera.” It discusses the various creative outlets a photographer can use to produce a “perfect” picture. The author presents the subjects of Aperture priority and Shutter Speed. The lesson teaches me how to use these two subjects to create Depth of Field (DOF). I am enjoying this course very much. I will soon be working on my first photo project. I will try to post part of the project once completed. I am anxious to start the second unit and delve into the world of the Press. You heard me right…the Press! I am “officially” a photojournalist for the NYIP online magazine (a.k.a. e-zine), PhotoWorld. Check back for more updates….
  • I just watched The Phantom of the Opera. WOW! Andrew Lloyd-Webber may be a nut, but he wrote some AWESOME music!! I loved the movie. I wish I could’ve seen it on Broadway.
  • The Bible Quizzing season has officially started. I am coaching a team of 9 high school guys. We are memorizing the first two chapters of 1 Peter. We have had a couple team meetings so far. Our team name has been voted on…and once I have received approval from the head honcho, I will post the result! I am currently working with my assistant, Nat, on producing our team apparel design. We are working with a professional graphic designer on this project. I am very much looking forward to seeing the first drafts!
  • *Caution: This article contains dance lingo. Turn back now if you are anti-dance.* 😉
    Recently, I went to Swing on a String (a swing dance event in Dallas) with a few friends of mine. We purposely left early to attend a workshop for Lindy Hop.
    {If any of you read my blog on a regular basis (it is perfectly fine if you do…haha), you would remember a post I wrote awhile back about the Lindy. Please refer to this post if you are confused by the terminology I am currently using.}
    Little did we know, the workshop was actually for Intermediate/Advanced Lindy Hoppers! Oops! [I have participated in a beginner Lindy workshop before, but it has been awhile. The next beginner one happens in September, so I’m definitely going!] So, yeah…I basically watched from the sidelines. I did learn quite a bit from just watching though. The teachers were showing the students how to keep an open mind (sounds scary, but with dance it is ok!) in their dance routines. They showed us how to incorporate various other dances into Lindy, such as Hip Hop and the Tango! So for those of you who know any hip hop moves, you might recognize this one: the body roll!! You better believe it…it may be difficult to swallow at first, but I was very impressed with how well it fit in the routine.
    A few other moves I learned: Shorty-George, Fishtail, and Ocho.
    The Swing portion of the night was amazing! I enjoy this dance so much. It’s fun, athletic, and has a definite swing pulse. I love trying out new moves, spins, and “jazz hand” configurations. 😉 Favorite song of the night: More, by Bobby Darin.
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed the teaching at my church.
    • Recently, Charlie, my favorite teacher ;-), did a series on Cosmology (not cosmetology…haha) – the Creation vs. Evolution debate. The Bible is CLEAR on this issue. Read it for yourself: “In the beginning, GOD CREATED!” (Genesis 1:1) And if that’s not enough for you, check out the audio from the series for more proof:
    • On Wednesday’s, the college group Bible study is on the gospel of John. What a great encouragement, learning about the life of my Lord & Savior Christ Jesus! It is also quite convicting…am I living a life of replicative evangelism?
    • On Sunday, (in “big church”), Pastor Tom is preaching on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. This last sermon was especially important. Through prayer, I am to seek the strengthening of my soul from the only One who can accomplish it. I am to expend the “maximum human effort,” but only Christ, through His Spirit, can sanctify my heart.

Well, that’s all for now. More from the melting pot later. Feel free to subscribe to my blog…for those of you who consistently check up on me. 😉

Catch ya later,

jazz hands

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