melting pot: numero uno

I decided to combine several thoughts into this one post…. I am currently enrolled in a professional photography course from New York Institute of Photography (NYIP). I am very excited to grow my photographic abilities. It is an at-home, at-one’s-own-pace course. There is a photo project I send in at the end of each unit of material. Hopefully I will become a better photographer. I’m not sure whether this is the path I want to take for a career, but I am definitely planning on doing some freelance work. The Bible Quizzing season is gearing up again at my church. … Continue reading melting pot: numero uno

Israel! part 1

Wow! I just returned from a tour of the Holy Land – Israel! I went with a group from my church…43 other believers! I will try to post a link (hopefully soon) of some of the pictures I took…not all of them though (2000 total!). It was a wonderful time of learning & constant amazement. To see sites mentioned directly in the Bible is a very humbling experience. I will never read the Bible the same way. I will post more about the trip soon (hence the part 1). Shalom, jazz hands Continue reading Israel! part 1