3rd time’s the charm…?

I have been set free from the needle today.

An immunization needle, mind you. (Just wanted to clarify that one!) 😉

I received my last vaccination for the trip to China. We still have not heard any news on the referral or travel. This is just the completion of another preliminary step in the adoption process. Incidentally, I would ask that you please pray for my family as we continue to wait…and wait…and…well, you get the idea! Patience is a hard virtue to put into practice. Trusting in the Lord’s provision (and timing) is also a constant struggle. We humans love to worry about things…and being patient, while relying on the Lord’s perfect timing, is a hard task to accomplish.

This shot was the last out of a series of three…and…Murphy’s Law…this shot had to be the most painful! Go figure!?!

But I will never again, in my lifetime, see the needle for Hepatitis A or B!! WOOHOO

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