“Human Resources, this is Michael. How may I help you?”

Yes, it has been awhile since I’ve posted.

But life is busy, what can I say?

Let’s see…quick update on my life…

Work – I am still working for American Aerospace, Inc. and Royal Aire. I officially keep up the books, “direct” office affairs, and now, keep up with the graphics & design department. I am currently working on websites for said enterprises…as well as logos! For those that know me, you can already tell, this work is right up my creative alley! 🙂

School – I am still a student at University of Texas – Arlington. My current semester (Spring ’08) contains the following courses (also seen on my About page): Economics – Money & Banking; Management – Organizational Behavior; Management – Human Resources; Marketing – Principles; Statistics – a.k.a. “Sadistics.” [Thanks Nat!]

As of now, my favorite class is Human Resources Management. Despite the workload, (10-page paper & oral report), I am thoroughly enjoying my teacher. This class is very educational and informative…unlike several of the other classes. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually enjoying my Statistics class, as well. Very interesting…and to a certain extent, practical. [However, I will point out, as I did with my friend mentioned above, “God knows the exact number of hairs on my head. Who needs an incorrect percentage of the population of voters (a parameter…see I was listening in class!) in America anyway?!”]

Flute – I am still keeping up with my flute. I still play in my church orchestra, when I’m scheduled. I also teach lessons to two students right now. This is such a blessing, because not only do I get to impart my knowledge of the instrument to others, but I also get to play my flute, keeping me sharp on my skills. (Rumor has it that I might even have a third student soon…”stay tuned!”) [Thanks Dr. Baldwin! (HR Management professor)]

That’s all for now…flute lessons at fifteen hundred hours!

Yours truly,

jazz hands

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