Snazzy Coffee Joint

It’s A Grind. This is the name of one of the snazziest coffee joints in all of North Texas. On a scale of 1-10, (1: being very poor; and 10: being very excellent), here are my ratings: Ambience – 10 Service – 10 Accuracy of Order – 10 Delivery (literally…to where I was seated) – 10 Taste – 10 Aroma – 10 Price – 10 Art – 10 [The leader of the jazz world, Satchmo, is the subject of the portrait hanging over the fireplace! Talk about culture and artistic taste!!] As you can see, I wholeheartedly approve of this … Continue reading Snazzy Coffee Joint

“Human Resources, this is Michael. How may I help you?”

Yes, it has been awhile since I’ve posted. But life is busy, what can I say? Let’s see…quick update on my life… Work – I am still working for American Aerospace, Inc. and Royal Aire. I officially keep up the books, “direct” office affairs, and now, keep up with the graphics & design department. I am currently working on websites for said enterprises…as well as logos! For those that know me, you can already tell, this work is right up my creative alley! 🙂 School – I am still a student at University of Texas – Arlington. My current semester … Continue reading “Human Resources, this is Michael. How may I help you?”

27 below

I just got back from a very refreshing trip to a friend’s cabin in Colorado. Yes, as the title says, the temperature did go below zero! FRIGID…but we survived. Our best friend was indoors – the wood-burning stove! I had a wonderful time of fellowship and fun with great friends. And, of course, Colorado is a great place to be reminded of the great Creator God I serve! Check out my pics from the trip by clicking the link below: “27 Below”: facebook photo album Continue reading 27 below