One Wintry Night

What an amazing concert?! David Phelps…WOW! I saw him in person and I shook his hand!! I won’t wash it for another year…kidding kidding. =] I guess I’m a little star-struck…but then again, who wouldn’t be? All of the great Christmas songs from his newest album, plus some surprise “bonus” songs. And, of course, he sang O Holy Night to close out the performance. Excellent!! Can’t wait to see him again. Click on the link below to see our group photo! The Aubrey-Hansen Quartet with David Phelps David was such an encouragement to us (the Aubrey-Hansen Quartet): “Just get out … Continue reading One Wintry Night

Senior: 08 : KT

Check out the newest addition to my Portfolio, “Senior: 08 : KT”! (on the Portfolio page…hence the name, Portfolio.) Get this…one of the “props” during the session was a horse!! This was my first photo shoot with a live animal of such magnitude. (For those animal lovers out there, the horse’s name is Alf!) It took him awhile to figure out that the “click” noise from the camera wasn’t going to hurt him. =] Many thanks go out to my wonderful assistant, Mrs. M! Congrats to KT on her upcoming graduation from high school! Hope these pics will bring back … Continue reading Senior: 08 : KT