To be completely honest, I’m really not panicking that much. I have completed one final exam and have two more to go. I will certainly be grateful for the semester to be over…Christmas break, here I come! =]

Thursday, 12/13, I will be taking the last two of my finals. I will also go to an advising session that morning regarding next semester. This brings up something more stressful than finals – career decisions!  You know how I started this post…yeah, will that’s how I’ve been feeling about making career decisions.

I just wrote a post on my second, co-hosted blog, safeguard4u. The post on safeguard regarded a devotion I read by Spurgeon. I’m not going to go into detail here, since I spent time posting it on the other blog, but basically, my career decisions are not really good reasons for stressing out. No matter what I choose, if I use my circumstances to glorify God, then I am where God wants me to be – content with what I have been given and where He has placed me.

One thought on “Finals!

  1. sorry to bother you, I noticed one of your friends is Corey Linscombe, I had a friend in the 7th grade Corey In Witchita Falls Tx and thought this might be him. I saw a picture but it,s been30+ years since i saw him. I tried to find a contact for him but kept coming back to this sight if you can help I would appreciate it

    thank you



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