One Wintry Night: “Reprise”

I wanted to fill everyone in on the “juicy” details of the concert in my first post, but if you didn’t notice, I was writing it pretty early in the morning…thus the lack of coherence and true need for sleep! 😉

The concert was obviously AMAZING! But the music itself was not the only inspiring aspect of the concert.

One part of the concert focused on a dialogue and duet between David and his sister, Sherri Proctor. (Sherri fills the roles of vocals and keyboard in the band.) Last year, after the Christmas tour, Sherri found out that she had developed breast cancer. This brought about a very trying process for her family and the band. In the fall of 2007, after finishing up chemotherapy and radiation, Sherri found out that she was cancer-free! God was very good to Sherri in healing her from the cancer…and from the concert, we could tell that she definitely gave God the glory for it!

Click on the link below to see a picture of the duet….

David and Sherri

Before intermission, David also spotlighted his sponsor for the tour, World Vision. David agreed to sponsor 1,000 children from Ethiopia. The statistics he shared with the audience were shocking. The specific village these children came from suffered from food insecurity (not knowing where their next meal was going to come from), dysentery, HIV (AIDS), lack of purified water, and lack of education. [81% of the village are below the poverty level; 41% of the adult population suffer from the HIV virus!] David asked the audience members to help him out by sponsoring a child for a small amount each month. It was very touching to see how many people volunteered to be so generous!

After the concert, right before we got to meet David, a mother and daughter were talking to him. Apparently they had a relative, probably the father/husband, who was going through a pretty severe trial. They asked if David would call him on their cell phone to encourage him. Obviously I only heard David’s side of the conversation, but what I heard was very touching. I’m sure the man on the other end was ever grateful for David’s kind and encouraging remarks. David said something to the man that really could apply to all of us regarding trials, “Trust God through the hard times…later on, you’ll be able to look back at them and laugh!”

Praise God for men like David Phelps, who use their gifts (given to them by God) to ultimately glorify Him!

One thought on “One Wintry Night: “Reprise”

  1. Wow… it touches me and brings tears to my eyes to think how unbelievably talented he is (he probably could’ve made zillions in the secular market), but he loves the Lord so much and the important thing to him is to always use his gifts to glorify Him — what a wonderful, miraculous thing! Thanks for these tidbits, Michael!!


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