One Wintry Night: “Reprise”

I wanted to fill everyone in on the “juicy” details of the concert in my first post, but if you didn’t notice, I was writing it pretty early in the morning…thus the lack of coherence and true need for sleep! 😉 The concert was obviously AMAZING! But the music itself was not the only inspiring aspect of the concert. One part of the concert focused on a dialogue and duet between David and his sister, Sherri Proctor. (Sherri fills the roles of vocals and keyboard in the band.) Last year, after the Christmas tour, Sherri found out that she had … Continue reading One Wintry Night: “Reprise”

One Wintry Night

What an amazing concert?! David Phelps…WOW! I saw him in person and I shook his hand!! I won’t wash it for another year…kidding kidding. =] I guess I’m a little star-struck…but then again, who wouldn’t be? All of the great Christmas songs from his newest album, plus some surprise “bonus” songs. And, of course, he sang O Holy Night to close out the performance. Excellent!! Can’t wait to see him again. Click on the link below to see our group photo! The Aubrey-Hansen Quartet with David Phelps David was such an encouragement to us (the Aubrey-Hansen Quartet): “Just get out … Continue reading One Wintry Night