Decorating a Door…

Yep, my brother and I decorated a door for the Christmas season…. The office complex we work at had a contest for door decorations…I couldn’t resist! This was a great opportunity not only to be creative, but also to be a witness to the rest of the complex. Our design was based on a simple version of the nativity scene, with the stable and manger set in a “typical” Bethlehem environment. Using black posterboard as the background, we placed miniature stars in the “sky” part and we hung a “3D” Christmas star over the top center of the door. My … Continue reading Decorating a Door…

Zzz…”beep, beep, beep”…zzZ

Hopefully I can get better sleep than I did last night. Right now I’m battling a cold…so if that isn’t enough, just wait until you hear the rest of the story. At 4:30 am…[not a typo]…our neighbor’s car alarm starts to sound. It shut off after about a minute…. Ah….sleep at last. NO! Not on my life…the alarm goes off again, and again, and again, and….well, you get the picture. This may sound cruel, but at 4:30 in the morning, I can still have a bit of humor, “Why can’t they just take what they want out of the car … Continue reading Zzz…”beep, beep, beep”…zzZ


AAAGGGHHHH! To be completely honest, I’m really not panicking that much. I have completed one final exam and have two more to go. I will certainly be grateful for the semester to be over…Christmas break, here I come! =] Thursday, 12/13, I will be taking the last two of my finals. I will also go to an advising session that morning regarding next semester. This brings up something more stressful than finals – career decisions!  You know how I started this post…yeah, will that’s how I’ve been feeling about making career decisions. I just wrote a post on my second, … Continue reading Finals!

One Wintry Night: “Reprise”

I wanted to fill everyone in on the “juicy” details of the concert in my first post, but if you didn’t notice, I was writing it pretty early in the morning…thus the lack of coherence and true need for sleep! 😉 The concert was obviously AMAZING! But the music itself was not the only inspiring aspect of the concert. One part of the concert focused on a dialogue and duet between David and his sister, Sherri Proctor. (Sherri fills the roles of vocals and keyboard in the band.) Last year, after the Christmas tour, Sherri found out that she had … Continue reading One Wintry Night: “Reprise”