“Coincidence?? I think NOT!”

So I had a great midnight run! Just a little over 3 miles (approximately)!

To make a long story short (yeah right! lol)…I was running the first leg of the trip…this “leg” happened to take me right passed a friend’s house. I assumed he would be in bed, but I was wrong. Amazingly enough, he was outside talking with another friend of mine (one of whom I haven’t seen in over 6 years!!)

The shocking thing was, right before I passed the house, the two friends had just started talking about me (good things I’m sure…right?) 😉 Of course, at this moment, I’m thinking, “What are the odds?!” But this, my friends, is where I would be wrong. There weren’t any odds being played this night…this, as you may have guessed, is where my title fits in. [“Incredible’s”, anyone? lol]

We had a great time of fellowship and “catching up.” (I also got to refill my water bottle…THANK YOU!! Where would I be without the kindness of friends??) I’m beginning to think that my run was timed just right…but not by me! I’m thinking this was providence…considering I took some breaks along the way, the conversation changed topics at just the right moment, etc.

All I can say is, “WOW!”

Goodnight blog-readers!

jazz hands

One thought on ““Coincidence?? I think NOT!”

  1. Michael that was perfect timing huh? It was so ironic to see you run by just as we were talking about you (yes good things of course). That was fun!


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